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Vape Simple

SOLT is a UK-based e-liquid range produced by Vape Simple, featuring simple yet high-quality juice flavors. Their products come in TPD-compliant 10ml bottles with childproof and tamper-evident caps, available in 10 or 20mg nicotine salt strengths, and a 50/50 Pg/Vg ratio.

As I am not a fan of mint, menthol, tobacco, or aniseed flavors, I asked Rob, aka ‘BigCloud,’ to assist with this review. Here are his thoughts on six of the flavors (thank you, Rob!):

Smoore Tobacco – This e-liquid has an authentic classic tobacco flavor, which is not overpowering and gives a creamy undertone on the exhale. It has good vapor production and provides a smooth throat hit. Even though I would not have chosen this flavor myself, I found it surprisingly enjoyable and would try it again.

Sweet Tobacco – Similar to the Smoore Tobacco flavor but with added sweet and buttery notes, this e-liquid has a well-blended taste of sweet and spicy caramel, cinnamon, and cloves. The throat hit is satisfying and not too strong, making it an excellent dessert and sweet vape. This would be perfect for tobacco lovers with a soft spot for rich desserts.

Menthol – This e-liquid offers an icy fresh, subtle, sweet peppermint flavor, without being too strong or overpowering. It provides a refreshing and frosty vape, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy menthol flavors.

Super Fruits – Bursting with juicy, sweet red berries and aniseed, this e-liquid has a perfect blend of flavors. The aniseed is not overpowering, and the icy menthol on the exhale is just right. It is a great Heisenberg style e-liquid that provides an enjoyable and flavorful experience.

Black Ice – This e-liquid offers a succulent and juicy blackcurrant flavor, which is cut through with tart notes on the inhale. On the exhale, an icy menthol flavor leaves a refreshing and cool sensation in the mouth. The balance between sweet, sharp, and minty flavors is perfect, making it an ideal summer all day vape.

Mango – This tropical cocktail e-liquid has a good vapor production and provides an authentic mango flavor with a hint of mandarin on the back end, giving it a nice citrus kick. It is absolutely delightful and refreshing, making it my favorite flavor from the range.

I personally reviewed the following flavors:

Melon – This e-liquid has a nice and sweet melon flavor, which is not overpowering and is easy on the coils. It is pure melon goodness and is highly recommended.

Vanilla – This e-liquid has a full and creamy vanilla flavor, which is not too sweet. Although I did not enjoy vaping it on its own, it makes a great smoothie base flavor when mixed with some fruit-flavored juice. If you love vanilla, you will surely enjoy this one.

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