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What flavour is Tiger Blood vape 

“Tiger’s Blood” is a popular e-liquid flavor that typically consists of a combination of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut. These flavors are blended together to create a fruity and tropical taste with a creamy finish.

Watermelon provides a juicy and refreshing flavor that is often described as sweet and slightly tangy. Strawberry adds a sweet and slightly tart note to the flavor profile, and coconut provides a creamy and nutty undertone that rounds out the overall taste.

Different manufacturers may use slightly different variations of these flavors, or may add additional flavorings or sweeteners to customize the taste. Some may also add a cooling or menthol effect to mimic the sensation of cold, such as in a “Tiger’s Blood” slushie or snow cone.

Overall, “Tiger’s Blood” is a popular flavor among vapers who enjoy fruity and tropical e-liquids. It’s a refreshing and sweet option that can provide a nice change of pace from more traditional tobacco or menthol flavors.

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